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Following the USWNT Players Association calling the USSF’s equal contract proposals to the USWNT and USMNT a “PR stunt,” U.S. Soccer Communications’ account hit back on Twitter.

“An offer on paper of identical contracts to the USWNT and USMNT, and to discuss equalizing prize money, is real, authentic and in good faith,” they wrote. “A publicity stunt is a 90-minute one-sided movie.”

Many were quick to point out that the USSF was offered the opportunity to participate in “LFG,” which they declined. The movie, which premiered in June, details the USWNT’s ongoing fight for equal pay. Following the movie’s premiere, USSF responded in a series of tweets to a “concerning level of dishonesty” in the documentary.

Still, USWNT forward Alex Morgan has said players remain “hopeful” about the new proposals.

“We still need to chat about the statement given by U.S. Soccer. But any commitment to equal pay publicly is good,” Morgan said Wednesday. “However, we need to look line by line at what they’re actually providing, because if you have equal but it’s not even what we got before, or to the value that we are, then we still consider that to be not good enough.

“We will continue to work with U.S. Soccer moving forward, looking towards equal and fair payment and treatment.”

Morgan added that the team doesn’t want to start 2022 without a new CBA in effect, as the old agreement expires at the end of 2021.

“That’s the number one priority of our PA, of our legal team,” she continued. “Looking at the [USSF] statements, it’s difficult to say, we want to feel encouraged and we want to be optimistic, but we have seen a lot of statements before.

“What we really want to do is see what we can do at the negotiation table, see those statements be put into action in those negotiations. So of course we’re always hopeful, you have to continue to have hope.”

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